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Woodsburgh is a wonderful community rich in history with a uniquely storied past. The progress of transportation in the late 1800’s facilitated the expansion of Long Island eastward which brought New York’s affluent society looking for a place to play, relax and sport during the summer months. As such, the establishment of the south shore mansions supported the further development of social organizations such as The Rockaway Hunting Club. These venues for hunting, fishing, boating, lawn tennis and golf still proudly remain today, over 100 years later. Notable residents including Henry Ziegler (Steinway Piano) and William Fox (Fox Film Corporation), along with a host of bankers, financiers and real estate developers have all called Woodsburgh their home. Additionally, luminaries of the day such as Diamond Jim Brady and Lillian Russell have also either been village residents or commonly known to summer at the then famous Woodsburgh Pavilion Hotel.

Mayor's Message

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​30 Piermont Ave, Hewlett NY 11557


 All persons entering Village Hall must wear a mask or they will not be allowed in and keep a 6 foot distance from others. 


Although a small enclave, Woodsburgh has had a dramatic impact on the development of the Five Towns and was one of Long Island’s first planned communities which focused on the business commuter. Since the initial development by Samuel Wood and Robert Burton, the area has continued to grow and flourish and remains as a uniquely tranquil and serene residential community.

As mayor, it is my intention to maintain the charm and beauty of Woodsburgh and assure the continued peacefulness, safety and forward progress of the village. I am dedicated to seeing that the Village of Woodsburgh continues to maintain solid property values as a highly desirable place to live.  As we embark into our second century of existence, our Board of Trustees will continue to focus on enhancing communication and improving the quality of life for all our residents. As a united front, I can assure you that our Board of Trustees will govern based on the equal representation of all residents fairly and honestly for the greater good.

It is a sincere privilege to serve this community as your mayor and I look forward to leading Woodsburgh in creating a renewed sense of pride and wish to set the tone and tenure for long term prosperity and further development of the community. It is a tremendous honor and long-term commitment that is not taken lightly. I am proud to be associated with our great Village and all who comprise it.

Lee A. Israel

The Incorporated Village of
​Woodsburgh  Est. 1912