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Clavin, Blakeman and D’Esposito Announce Establishment of Coastal Conservation District for Development of Woodmere Club Property – Hempstead Town, Villages of Lawrence & Woodsburgh Adopt New Zoning to Preserve Character of Surrounding Communities.

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Click the link below to see the letter written to the Nassau County Planning Commission in reference to the Village's comments to the Draft Scope of the proposed development of the Woodmere Country Club

Five Towns Civic Association Letter to Editor

February 19, 2020

Dear Neighbors: 

I am pleased to advise that the next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held on Monday February 24th at 8:00pm at Village Hall. We will have our usual monthly reports; address any pending or new village business at hand and as always, be available to discuss any other matters of concern.

Our Board members and village hall staff have been receiving numerous requests for a situational update regarding the status of the Woodmere Club as well as a response to the recent article that appeared in the 5TJT.  As such enclosed herewith please find the Village’s response to that article.  

Additionally if you have not seen it yet, there is also a very well written letter to the editor of the 5TJT issued by the Five Town’s Civic Association (5TCA) which can be seen at  https://mcusercontent.com/f000f838239d75ef1a0292a24/files/5d22459c-e660-4337-ba22-ed82eb09d462/5TJT_letter_to_editor_for_email.pdf The village will re-post this response on its website under the Woodmere Club development section along with a copy of the enclosed position of the village.

Be assured that the Village of Woodsburgh is actively and proactively working to maintain the charm and character for which we are known. We will not be threatened or intimidated by litigation or threatened litigation, and will continue to pursue the protection of our Village and our Village way of life.

On Behalf of the Village Board of Trustees, I remain with best regards,

Lee A. Israel, Mayor

Incorporated Village of Woodsburgh